Matchali x AbsFocus at The Upper House

Head to The Lawn at the Upper House for a Matcha pre-workout booster followed by an uplifting 50min Pilates-inspired class that focuses on the abs, taught by lululemon Hong Kong Ambassador Janice Ng (@janybeans)

The routine is specially targeted to sculpt the core muscles, enhance core strength and build endurance. Intensity builds with dynamic routines set to upbeat music.

Matcha Benefits

Matcha can assist your workouts by increasing your endurance, metabolism, and reducing visceral fat (fat located in your abdominal area)

Drinking one serving of matcha can boost energy and endurance. For optimal effects it’s recommended that you drink a cup everyday, especially before your workout sessions. You will eventually see your muscle tone improve as well as an increase in your body’s ability to burn fat within just a couple of months.

Matcha naturally increases your body’s energy and heat production during cardio and resistance training. This tells your body to burn more calories and eventually lead to weight loss.


Date & Time: Sunday 23 February, 10:00am – 11:00am

Location: The Upper House, The Lawn, L6, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty

Cost: $400

Book: Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite. Click here.


Sustainable Sunday Market @ Kafnu

Register to shop and browse at the Sunday market at Kafnu, where you’ll find niche local brands committed to wellness and sustainability. Entry to the market is free but you can sign up for workshops for an additional fee. Register to attend for free here and sign for the following workshops below:

Pre-loved Shopathon

DIY Beeswax Workshop

Body Butter Bar Workshop


Mastering Your Breath: Improve Performance and Reduce Stress

Want to learn how to control your breath to optimise your health and wellbeing? Join Aqua Terra Performance for a morning class with breathwork coach Aigul Safullina.

9-10am, Aqua Terra Performance, Stanley Main Street. Tickets $250. Book here


Interactive Workshop: Discover Your Inner Rainbow with Chakras by Flora Chan

Chakras are an inward map that helps us understand ourselves better and can direct us toward wellness, greater awareness and living a more joyful and abundant life. 

Energy Reader/Healer Flora, Founder of FLO Jewellery, will take participants to the world of rainbow-colour Chakras to learn more about this ancient energy system and bring it to life in an engaging and practical way. 

Chakras are beginning to be recognized more and more in western medicine with research proving the connection between our energy and emotions to our physical health. When the energy in our chakras is imbalanced, it can manifest as mental, physical and emotional health issues. The energy centres basically affect and influence everything in our life! 

In this workshop, Flora will walk you through this journey to explore and experience how each Chakra affects us and how the Chakras are interconnected. Most importantly, she will share what we can do to help affect our Chakras positively and bring balance and inner peace to our life. The workshop is open to people of all levels of experience and will explore:

  • The seven major Chakras and what they represent for you in your life and relationships
  • The emotional and physical meaning behind each Chakra
  • Practical tips including food, essential oil, crystals, yoga poses and affirmations to balance each Chakra
  • Real-life stories of how Chakras are affecting each other and our daily life
  • Real-time open Chakra reading (if you do not mind sharing with other participants)

You’ll also benefit from:

  • A diagram with Chakra information and affirmations
  • Printable healing guides for the seven Chakras
  • A chance to win a FREE Chakra consultation by Flora

Workshop Details:

Date & Time: February 23, 2020 (Sunday), 1:30PM to 3PM

Location: Topfit, 6/, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong 

Cost: $200




Workshop with Defin8 Fitness: How Well Do You Know Your Posture?

Join the team at Defin8 Fitness for a 1.5 hour Postural Analysis workshop covering body mechanics and and how this can relate to achieving good posture. This workshop aims to give you information on how to correct your posture through exercises.

Featuring full Pilates equipment, Defin8 Fitness is HK’s leading elite fitness and Pilates studio with a community feel that will make you want to commit to your health, fitness and workout routine. Founded and owned by HK’s top-notch trainers Trixie and Leo Velez,personal training sessions are tailor-made based on individual’s goals and needs.


Date & Time: Sunday 23 February, 12:15PM – 1:45PM

Cost: $250 for Wellness Week (usually $380). RSVP is essential

RSVP: Call +852 98598620, email or fill out the contact form.