Whole Foods For The Whole Family with The Body Group

With chronic disease moving into more people’s lives, more people are taking back personal power and realising that we truly are what we eat.  The rise of the ancestral diet, or Paleo is rooted in research conducted early in the 21st century by Western A Price and has informed a generation of Functional Medicine Practitioners on the benefits of eating as our ancestors did. Whole food, where the food itself is the only ingredient.  For many adults, this transition away from processed foods is difficult, but even more confusing when new parents are asked to wean their baby not on rice and grains, but on eggs and organ meats.

Find out how to build a super-kid on a nutrient dense diet with Caroline now.


Date & Time: 21 Feb 2020, Friday 16:00-17:00

Location: 14/F, Prosperous Building, 48-52 Des Voeux Rd Central

Cost: Free

Book: Call or WhatsApp +852 2167 7305

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