Revolutionizing hygiene – decompose of pathogens with only light energy. 50% off at Raze’s Central pop-up

Locally-based material science start-up, Raze Technology have used their in depth knowledge of materials science to develop a range of health and well-being innovations. After ten years of research and development, Raze has optimized its photocatalyst technology and is ready to revolutionize household hygiene practices for people around the world. With a simple spray, Raze’s photocatalyst nano-particles absorb into any surface to form a non-toxic, self-sanitizing coating that decomposes indoor pollutants and pathogens for up to three months. Spritz on your clothes and home surfaces for added protection for you and your family during these times.

Head to Raze’s first pop-up store in Hong Kong between now and 28 February at 36 Cochrane Street to find out more about their unique household hygiene products.

Where can I use Raze’s Sprays?

Almost anywhere! Once you apply the coating, the technology will provide up to 3 months of continuous cleaning and protection. From yoga mats and workout equipment to kitchen work surfaces, clothes and sofas, we love this product for its multi-functionality and ability to conveniently eliminate bacteria, viruses and odors.

The Deal

Raze wants to help Hongkongers protect themselves against germs and dangerous pathogens at this time through their innovative product range. Throughout Wellness Week Raze will be offering a 50% discount on all purchases made at their pop-up store in Central. (up to 2 items per person). 

The discount will automatically be applied. There is no need to mention Wellness Week to sales staff.

Pop-up Details

Date & opening times: 13 – 28 February. 11am – 7:30pm daily

Location: 36 Cochrane Street, Central

More information can be found at:

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